Friday, April 29, 2016

Iron Cat

Nine Key Interactive is probably the 1 new game development firm established in recent times. However, recently appeared, the company scored impress gamers community in the world with the first product entitled Iron Cat. Have to say, this is an interesting form of mobile game from shooting gameplay combined with its capital city. I personally feel the shot game flies legend was revived in this game. earn to die 2

Iron Cat takes players step into the full journey 1 orange go, you are a resident of the planet the Planet the same peace Meow family and friends. However, everything suddenly changes, the other planet that wants to dominate this place because of fertile resources. No longer do you have to join the army of cats and stand up to push back the dark forces are invading his homeland. earn to die
Maybe this is not a new story, it has been used a lot in many different titles. However, the gameplay in Iron Cat is truly strange and make new players feel the excitement from the first moments of the day experience. Accordingly, the in-game interface optimized for vertical-screen gameplay on mobile phones and enemies will appear gradually from above. The area below, your cat Warrior will use different weapons to attack enemy returns. With just a few touch-screen operation you can get acquainted with the controls of the game. 

Iron Cat is subdivided into many different levels with increasing difficulty. Thus, in the main interface of the game then you can choose the features necessary to upgrade weapons, the page for the character. Of course, due to the game system is constantly updated so you will have to constantly get familiar with new things each day.

Can say, Nine Key Interactive has had a successful start with Iron Cat. This is good motivation to the airline can create many new products shelf for players. Overwatch


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