Thursday, May 26, 2016

GTA: Chinatown Wars

Set in the city of Liberty City in GTA IV (less than 1 the island compared to the version on the console), the story of Chinatown Wars revolves around the main character Huang Lee during the war against the criminals in Liberty City.
Upon hearing of his father, which is a kingpin in the gangster's assassination, Huang rushed fly from Hong Kong to the Liberty to learn of his death. Also from this time, Huang was being pushed into the whirlpool power between the different factions attempting to occupy the throne that his father to leave. earn to die 

A comprehensive review, Chinatown Wars game like the other GTA titles. The manipulation and robbing cars migration remains the location compared to the traditional control mechanisms. Besides, the game also gives the player the customized help effective as targeting automatically when you are driving or auto-targeting by the GPS system on the mini map is located at the bottom of the screen.

Now, the mini game's version of Chinatown Wars for the DS on would have been reproduced in full on the PSP: from break lock your car, green trash to make weapons ... until the tattoos or gasoline bomb. The control mechanism with the stylus and touch screen has also been replaced with analog and the trigger button.

In-game weapon system is quite diverse with over 20 types of weapons: from smoke grenades, flamethrower, make ... until the pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle, especially the player can order the weapons at the home of the Ammu-Nation through his PDA.
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Friday, May 20, 2016

Legendary Warrior

As the information we have already showcase, Zonmob Studio-Free mobile game development group have a long pregnancy Super foods with plenty of heart huýet. Other than these forums you go ahead with the genre, the game keeper mobile will style RPG, go horizontal screen scene called Legendary Warrior. Recently, the games have also officially launched the first version of the Android operating system support. earn to die

Legendary Warrior built with the storyline takes place in the Kingdom of Chaos-the land of chaos and evil, were put under the rule of the tyrant Ares, a warlike and guys like blood. Everywhere was fire to murder, pillage, ... all the land sank in the dark.
In a small village on the border, Hector-the most powerful Warrior of the village not very pleasing look of his relatives to live in oppression and suffering waiting for death, he wanted to destroy Ares and his empire to bring peace to the whole United Kingdom. Person a, Hector enter the journey full of rough, open up a legend about an immortal Warrior.

About gameplay, Legendary Warrior style RPG, go horizontal screen scene. The player controls the character, destroy monsters in each map, earning money to upgrade weapons, skill and level up. The character can move back and forth across the screen, jumping and use special skills. Will have 5 different terrains challenging players include: Dark Forest, Steppe, the dead sea, cave demons and United Kingdom.

Legendary Warrior brings beautiful images, animated style easy to close. The operation of the controls, the game interface is arranged easier to see, clear layout without even obscures the player's vision. Anyway, this is also a "product tree leaves home garden" where you must try to experience. Counterspy

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


CounterSpy is the game action in the direction of the secret, sneaky. The game is a product of secret action drama, with the guest screen hand not very nice and many different special weapons to you own. In the game you take on the role of a spy mission to prevent a nuclear attack from the evil powers. earn to die

Appearing in late August on the PSP and Playstation, CounterSpy has shown countless success with the highly stylized and graves from the calling on the surface of the paper. In a game between the two categories of friendly platform and action elements sneaky third shooter has created a small heat forced CounterSpy landings mobile platform.

Set in a unique world from the 60 's, CounterSpy will put players in the role of an agent of an organization have the alias is the main character of C.O.U.N.T.E.R. we are having to make a lofty mission is to fight for the safety of the world and put an end to the evil plan coming from an organization wicked. This organization that wants to dominate the world through those terrible nuclear warheads.

Graphics in the game gives players a look extremely unique, CounterSpy looks like action movie series of the talented spy 007 so, bring the feeling of exciting gameplay experience for CounterSpy. bike baron

Monday, May 9, 2016

Bike Baron

Bike Baron is a mobile game successfully combines excellent graphics interface with the same charismatic quality sound. Things that suck you immediately when new to the game and then simply it beats mercilessly crushing you. earn to die

If you're simply looking for a motorbike rider gme entertainment experience, you can spend more time in the air to enjoy the relaxing moments, the best light you should find another game. Bike Baron requires plying a force, precision leaps mm each, tried and tried again and again and make sure you furious. Is not to say too, but this really is what you'll find at Bike Baron. Super hexagon

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon is a game of skill and quick test eyes for mobile devices. With this game, you will control a small triangle polygons rotate around a center. Meanwhile, the surrounding walls will continually shrinking the gaps are very small, your task is to move the stars to triangles fall through the gaps, and do not touch the walls. The gameplay is quite simple, except that the speed of the game can be up to dizziness, the shape, position and distance of the walls is always changing with the screen can rotate spiraling makes you to rethink about the difficulty of the game. earn to die

the style of Super Hexagon heard the simple, but how to do is all that matters! Speed ​​rotation of the hexagon increases with each level and you will have to strain your eyes and stretch their hands to manipulate the other triangle adroitly. The death you die in this mobile game is a very normal thing so it's not for the impatient player, irritability and give up the game. The game has three levels of difficulty to Hard, Harder and Hardest mode rather than "Easy", even at the lowest level is the Hard you also have dizziness before the cubes out before the screen. But if the completion of the higher difficulty levels, you'll unlock more interesting hidden features. iron cat


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