Monday, April 25, 2016


According to official information, the blockbuster online games MOBA new generation Overwatch opened last test from the 6th day 15/4. This is the final round of closed beta in preparation for the time to conduct extensive open beta in early May came here 
As you know, business as Overwatch will buy - to - play, gamers spend 60 USD, or about 1.3 million to buy this game. However, in return, everyone will enjoy a virtual world of absolute balance, no state pay - to - win. Earn to die

Overwatch as a game combining elements of the two most notable blockbuster: multiplayer fast-paced, attractive and accessible of Call of Duty, but at the same time to bring the skills rarely seen in many modern shooters. Can even compare, the system character classes and skills can Overwatch comparable to League of Legends both pace and style. 
The mechanism controls and fighting in built Overwatch games like a first person shooter. Familiar control mechanisms of the series first person shooter lets players quickly get used to, however, does not stop with the usual shooter gameplay, Overwatch also included more premium content to create add excitement to gamers. Hammerball

While in the game, the shock of the guns is almost none, but the accurate remote sight in almost Overwatch is very difficult, because the character has a very fast pace, the beside them constantly flying, high jump. Character design in the game is also being groomed as each character possesses specific skills, as well as its own strengths and weaknesses.


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