Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More improvements to enjoy in flood runner 3

If you enjoyed the improvements made in Flood Runner 2, then enjoy more in the third sequel, Flood Runner 3. Find out more and play the game for free! The stickman is now fully animated. The background was also improved. And there are now several levels to jump up or down while running. The surfboard has been replaced by air columns which bring you back up to higher levels. Controls were also changed to choice of arrow keys or mouse. Earn to die 5 

Earn to die 6 You can now slowdown from running with the left arrow key, jump with the up arrow key and accelerate your fun with the right arrow key. If you are able to go on far, you will have to defeat enemies and have a chance to ride a dragon. Part of the main menu now is the Achievements which you can unlock by performing some tasks.

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