Friday, April 22, 2016


Be ready to put the hammer down with Hammer Ball, a physics-based skill game where you protect the planet online game from an invasion of robots, fighting to control the plane and into the future of its own they you (a robot fighting ring with a hammer at the end of a string, and this weapon can be stored / regions affected lots). earn to die

Take on enemy robots, and smashed add, on his way to victory in 20 increasingly difficult levels to fight. Upgrading from a simple wooden mallet of oscillations in a large metal hammer crushing equipment - and more! Fast paced action adventure test will hand -eye coordination, careful như you can control the movement of the robot on the fly of to ensure maximum damage the enemy. Are your quick response will be checked, enemy robots as sometimes ít was attacked at a time. Are you ready to 'hammer' rights challenge of the poor robots? It's time to start of your very own Robot Wars! Good luck out there! See more: Pharaoh's Second Life


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