Monday, July 11, 2016


Currently, to join play Kritika in Closed Beta test version, the players will only need to register your account on the home page, then log into the game and play it, nothing too difficult. However, the download game can be seen as one of the challenges for those who have slow network speed, or average. A install the game download weighs about 4 GB and more players will need to download via the Launcher of Asiasoft. Currently, Kritika provided 2 different server clusters is the server of Thailand and Singapore.
Of course, for gamers Free then we should select the cluster server Singapore to play, and the cluster server pings are quite sure, never to happen bad lag, clogging the network. The language mainly in Kritika is still English. Earn to die 5

The game was almost a full translation into English to help the player to easily capture the information, or the content of the game. One thing to note that despite the custom language to Vietnamese, but players should not opt for the font in the game will crash, besides the translation is not complete, causing the player almost couldn't read to understand the contents when switching to Vietnamese.
As introduced earlier, Kritika is online role-playing game, and used to be called the Devil May Cry game online version when new was announced. The game received a considerable attention of the community of gamers when unveiled in South Korea. However, it seems the same gameplay content many of the characteristics of the game hasn't really was gamers. Earn to die 6

Kritika's graphics are not yet able to say is beautiful because the graphics are designed quite angular, many rough details not really soft. Advantages of the game coming from the system relatively easy to look beautiful and artistic skill. In particular, the character designs are pretty nice designed comic style. The movement of the soft, flexible character can also view is the highlight of Kritika.
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