Thursday, May 26, 2016

GTA: Chinatown Wars

Set in the city of Liberty City in GTA IV (less than 1 the island compared to the version on the console), the story of Chinatown Wars revolves around the main character Huang Lee during the war against the criminals in Liberty City.
Upon hearing of his father, which is a kingpin in the gangster's assassination, Huang rushed fly from Hong Kong to the Liberty to learn of his death. Also from this time, Huang was being pushed into the whirlpool power between the different factions attempting to occupy the throne that his father to leave. earn to die 

A comprehensive review, Chinatown Wars game like the other GTA titles. The manipulation and robbing cars migration remains the location compared to the traditional control mechanisms. Besides, the game also gives the player the customized help effective as targeting automatically when you are driving or auto-targeting by the GPS system on the mini map is located at the bottom of the screen.

Now, the mini game's version of Chinatown Wars for the DS on would have been reproduced in full on the PSP: from break lock your car, green trash to make weapons ... until the tattoos or gasoline bomb. The control mechanism with the stylus and touch screen has also been replaced with analog and the trigger button.

In-game weapon system is quite diverse with over 20 types of weapons: from smoke grenades, flamethrower, make ... until the pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle, especially the player can order the weapons at the home of the Ammu-Nation through his PDA.
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