Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon is a game of skill and quick test eyes for mobile devices. With this game, you will control a small triangle polygons rotate around a center. Meanwhile, the surrounding walls will continually shrinking the gaps are very small, your task is to move the stars to triangles fall through the gaps, and do not touch the walls. The gameplay is quite simple, except that the speed of the game can be up to dizziness, the shape, position and distance of the walls is always changing with the screen can rotate spiraling makes you to rethink about the difficulty of the game. earn to die

the style of Super Hexagon heard the simple, but how to do is all that matters! Speed ​​rotation of the hexagon increases with each level and you will have to strain your eyes and stretch their hands to manipulate the other triangle adroitly. The death you die in this mobile game is a very normal thing so it's not for the impatient player, irritability and give up the game. The game has three levels of difficulty to Hard, Harder and Hardest mode rather than "Easy", even at the lowest level is the Hard you also have dizziness before the cubes out before the screen. But if the completion of the higher difficulty levels, you'll unlock more interesting hidden features. iron cat


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