Friday, April 29, 2016

Iron Cat

Nine Key Interactive is probably the 1 new game development firm established in recent times. However, recently appeared, the company scored impress gamers community in the world with the first product entitled Iron Cat. Have to say, this is an interesting form of mobile game from shooting gameplay combined with its capital city. I personally feel the shot game flies legend was revived in this game. earn to die 2

Iron Cat takes players step into the full journey 1 orange go, you are a resident of the planet the Planet the same peace Meow family and friends. However, everything suddenly changes, the other planet that wants to dominate this place because of fertile resources. No longer do you have to join the army of cats and stand up to push back the dark forces are invading his homeland. earn to die
Maybe this is not a new story, it has been used a lot in many different titles. However, the gameplay in Iron Cat is truly strange and make new players feel the excitement from the first moments of the day experience. Accordingly, the in-game interface optimized for vertical-screen gameplay on mobile phones and enemies will appear gradually from above. The area below, your cat Warrior will use different weapons to attack enemy returns. With just a few touch-screen operation you can get acquainted with the controls of the game. 

Iron Cat is subdivided into many different levels with increasing difficulty. Thus, in the main interface of the game then you can choose the features necessary to upgrade weapons, the page for the character. Of course, due to the game system is constantly updated so you will have to constantly get familiar with new things each day.

Can say, Nine Key Interactive has had a successful start with Iron Cat. This is good motivation to the airline can create many new products shelf for players. Overwatch

Monday, April 25, 2016


According to official information, the blockbuster online games MOBA new generation Overwatch opened last test from the 6th day 15/4. This is the final round of closed beta in preparation for the time to conduct extensive open beta in early May came here 
As you know, business as Overwatch will buy - to - play, gamers spend 60 USD, or about 1.3 million to buy this game. However, in return, everyone will enjoy a virtual world of absolute balance, no state pay - to - win. Earn to die

Overwatch as a game combining elements of the two most notable blockbuster: multiplayer fast-paced, attractive and accessible of Call of Duty, but at the same time to bring the skills rarely seen in many modern shooters. Can even compare, the system character classes and skills can Overwatch comparable to League of Legends both pace and style. 
The mechanism controls and fighting in built Overwatch games like a first person shooter. Familiar control mechanisms of the series first person shooter lets players quickly get used to, however, does not stop with the usual shooter gameplay, Overwatch also included more premium content to create add excitement to gamers. Hammerball

While in the game, the shock of the guns is almost none, but the accurate remote sight in almost Overwatch is very difficult, because the character has a very fast pace, the beside them constantly flying, high jump. Character design in the game is also being groomed as each character possesses specific skills, as well as its own strengths and weaknesses.

Friday, April 22, 2016


Be ready to put the hammer down with Hammer Ball, a physics-based skill game where you protect the planet online game from an invasion of robots, fighting to control the plane and into the future of its own they you (a robot fighting ring with a hammer at the end of a string, and this weapon can be stored / regions affected lots). earn to die

Take on enemy robots, and smashed add, on his way to victory in 20 increasingly difficult levels to fight. Upgrading from a simple wooden mallet of oscillations in a large metal hammer crushing equipment - and more! Fast paced action adventure test will hand -eye coordination, careful như you can control the movement of the robot on the fly of to ensure maximum damage the enemy. Are your quick response will be checked, enemy robots as sometimes ít was attacked at a time. Are you ready to 'hammer' rights challenge of the poor robots? It's time to start of your very own Robot Wars! Good luck out there! See more: Pharaoh's Second Life

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pharaoh's Second Life

Pharaoh's Second Life is a fun puzzle game and platform and adventure game based on physics, where you have to guide a brave young Pharaoh through a series of dangerous levels of 25 different order engineers can test sensitivity through the challenges of the game. Platform / arcade classics such as running, jumping, collecting keys, switch blocks, jumping over lava pits, transfer stations, and overcome numerous difficulties more. Earn to die

Background: After being knocked unconscious by a falling coconut, our hero Pharaoh accidentally entered into the mummy of the people! After waking up in his grave, he should be trying to get rid of all 25 different levels in a maze of giant pyramids! Final Ninja Zero

Reason for fun, this game online platforms: Raise your quick response, hand-eye coordination, determination to solve the problem when you embark on an epic journey through , level of dangerous obstacles. Enjoy the game Mario-style game as you struggle with many difficult challenges in each level.

Strategy to win: Some additional requires logical thinking and strategic wisdom, not simply running and jumping action. For example, you may have to move the blocks on a weight system to gain access to a locked door, and other similar tasks. You must learn from your mistakes through trial and error, and try to use the terrain of each different level and turn it into your advantage.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Detective Conrad: Rooms of Mystery

It is a game guide detective acrobatics to Red Exit door in a series of 20 increasingly challenging levels that presents an interesting blend of reactions tasks based on the challenges and brain teasers ! Detective Conrad: Mystery Room is one, solve the puzzle and platform game full of challenges for children / adolescents age where you play the role of detective Conrad resourceful people to seek the hidden objects to solve the mystery to its customers. Earn to die

Kind of like a mix of Super Mario, Spiderman and Sherlock Holmes, all in one, Conrad is an acrobatic hero that can walk up walls, jump magic - high into the air, which bash with a baseball bat, and more! No case is too difficult mystery to detective! Final Ninja Zero

Final Ninja Zero

Let's start ready for some fast-paced action platformer with Final Ninja Zero, an online arcade game where you control addicting Ninja Takeshi the future of its mission to eliminate the villain - Dr. Victor Boshi (a scientist who appreciate the mischievous, who runs a hamburger company in an urban giants are controlled by large corporations are fighting together for the strength to occupy market) Earn to die

This game ninja warrior cool adventure will have you connecting from the first level, when you make a super slick ninja stunts and amazing acrobatics. Avoid enemies by any means necessary - flying, jumping, bouncing, swinging and running. Swing through each challenging level of Ninja - Your Rope. Use your ninja stealth to deceive the bad guys and shoot at them Ninja Stars to send them packing. See more: Be fast and be quick with Gunman Shooter 2

Friday, April 15, 2016

Be fast and be quick with Gunman Shooter 2

Are you looking for a flash game that will excite you? Are you looking for a flash game that will thrill you? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely like or even love the flash game that this article presents. The name of the game is Gunman Shooter 2. There are two reasons why you will appreciate this one. First is because it involves a lot of shooting action which most gamers or players are looking for. Second is because it will test your eye and hand coordination as well as your reflexes. Continue reading the article to find out more information about Gunman Shooter 2. Earn to die 5

As the player in this game, you will be dealing with stickmen. You will be given a gun which you will use in the game. There will be crates presented in the screen and the game will start once the stickmen pop out of the crate. Make sure that you are quick and have a good eyesight to see all the stickmen. To advance on the next levels, you must be able to shoot the required number of stickmen stated on the screen. Earn to die 6

Do not let them pass in Random Defence

If you are fond of tower defense games, try Random Defence. It is a strategy game where you have to prevent random creeps from reaching the other end of the road. Position your towers and turrets along the sides of the road wisely. There are ten roads to choose from, three of them are hard mode, three medium mode and four easy mode. Earn to die 5

Earn to die 6 At the start of the game, you have twenty lives and limited cash. Your life count decreases when a creep made it through the end of the road. Your cash increases as you kill enemies. Use cash to build research centers, stronger towers and to upgrade. When you have enough money, build research centers so you can build bigger towers. All towers and research centers are upgradable. Random Defence is a challenging defense game. See for yourself how long you can defend the end of the road.

Block and deflect the ammos in Shield Defense

Block and deflect the ammos in Shield Defense

Shield Defense is another addicting strategy game. You and your base are being attacked by tanks with their bullets. You do not have any weapons to destroy them. All you have is your shield to defend yourself and your base. Use your shield to deflect their bullets too and try to make their bullets ricochet on them. Move your shield around you using your mouse. Earn to die 5

Earn to die 6 When you complete the level, you can upgrade and repair your shield and your base. At the right side of the screen, you will find your base health, your energy, the time left to eliminate the enemies, the number of tanks to destroy, the game level you are playing, your score, your money and interest. You can also choose the difficulty of your game, whether sergeant, soldier or general. To know more and play for free, visit the game’shome page. Learn to Fly 3


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Learn to Fly 3

Can you learn to fly up to the moon even if you are a fat penguin? This is the third sequel of the funny distance launcher game full of upgrades, in which you need to help the birdy to reach his desired destination. Your objective in Learn to Fly 3 is to launch the penguin through the sky as far as. Earn to die


In the world of Terus, amidst the billowing clouds that stretch high and far beyond the highest mountain of Gaius, are continents that swim even higher. Earn to die 5

 In the darkest of times, an evil has awaken that threatens all who live there. The best Action RPG in the clouds! Build your character how you want: be a warrior, wizard, monk, or even a hybrid! Discover new lands, slay monsters, collect epic loot, and become a hero! Earn to die 6 

Football Challenge Level Pack

 Earn to die Develop your passing skills in these brain-teasers known as Football Challenge Level Pack. Click the teammate (yellow dot) who you want to receive your pass, but make sure there is no opponent (red dot) in between you and your receiver, or he'll intercept the ball. Each level presents a new quest for your mind to conquer as you figure out how to direct the ball around traffic and get it in the goal. If you can work the ball around with the tight precision of Iniesta's FC Barcelona, you're sure to reach the final level. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More improvements to enjoy in flood runner 3

If you enjoyed the improvements made in Flood Runner 2, then enjoy more in the third sequel, Flood Runner 3. Find out more and play the game for free! The stickman is now fully animated. The background was also improved. And there are now several levels to jump up or down while running. The surfboard has been replaced by air columns which bring you back up to higher levels. Controls were also changed to choice of arrow keys or mouse. Earn to die 5 

Earn to die 6 You can now slowdown from running with the left arrow key, jump with the up arrow key and accelerate your fun with the right arrow key. If you are able to go on far, you will have to defeat enemies and have a chance to ride a dragon. Part of the main menu now is the Achievements which you can unlock by performing some tasks.

See more :Take on a sweet adventure with Pinata Hunter

Take on a sweet adventure with Pinata Hunter

Do you love sweets? Are you a candy lover? If you are positive about the questions asked, then you might like playing the flash game presented in this very article. The name of the flash game is Pinata Hunter. This is the first edition from the series with the same title. This is a game full of candies that most young gamers will surely love. There are two things that you should look forward into playing this game. First is the graphic designs that are appealing, attractive and live up to the title of this game. Second is the gameplay which may seem simple but gets tougher and harder as you progress.Earn to die 5

Red Ball cheats Your main goal as the player of this edition is to break the piñata by utilizing the weapons provided in the game. You can upgrade each weapon if you are able to acquire or achieve a certain amount of points. The weapons are baseball bat and chainsaw. Earn to die 6

Monday, April 11, 2016

Red Ball cheats

Red Ball is an interesting game that uses physics concepts and actions. The game involves a red ball which has to be moved from the start point to the goal flag which is some distance away. This distance is not covered by a simple road. Instead there are different kinds of dangers, pitfalls and traps. You need to be on the lookout for any traps and should be alert to win this game. Earn to die 5
There are multiple levels in this game. You can reach the next level only if you complete the previous level successfully. There are a total of 17 levels in the first version of the red ball game. The first level is one of the easiest games to complete. It is almost a simple stretch with only a few pitfalls. And the last level is the most difficult level where most players need cheats and walkthroughs to successfully complete. In any level, you are given multiple options to restart the game. You can restart the game without losing the progress of previous levels. The current level will be restarted. Earn to die 6 

Cheats & Walkthrough
This game can prove to be a bit difficult at times. In these situations, you can use the cheats and walkthroughs that are available to help you. Walkthroughs are usually posted by players who have successfully played and completed the game. Walkthroughs can be found for any level of the game in the internet.
The walkthrough will show how to play the game and how to move the ball so that you can avoid the dangers on the path and reach the goal flag. It is also possible to collect additional points on the way. Cheats can be thought of as hints or solutions which will mean to be the same as walkthroughs. But there are other kinds of cheats which use codes to modify or unlock a part of the game which will help you reach the goal without getting ousted.
The cheat codes are available as simple codes which can be activated at the time of playing the game or it can even be a hardware change. The cheat code is often a password which will activate some part of the unlocked game and creates additional excitement and challenges for the player. Triple the fun in hunting with Cactus McCoy 3
If you view a cheat video, you will be able to see that the best way to play the game successfully is to first understand where the dangers and traps are. Once you understand the problems you should avoid, you can think of a strategy to successfully jump over or cross them without getting stuck or hurt. The walkthroughs are also helpful if you want to achieve the result with maximum scores and minimum times. You will be able to find out some shortcuts you missed or other similar useful hints from walkthroughs or cheats.
If there is a movable platform which will take you closer or away from the next block, you should jump over the platforms at the right time after noticing how close or away it moves from the block. If you see a walkthrough of the first level of the red ball game, you will see that you have to move the ball forward using the right arrow key a little before pressing the right arrow key and up arrow key together.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Triple the fun in hunting with Cactus McCoy 3

Cactus McCoy 3 is the third installment from the game series called Cactus McCoy. This third serving continues the adventure of the cursed treasure hunter. There is a reason why the title is Cactus McCoy. There is a treasure hunter who is going on a treasure hunt when suddenly, he picked an item that is cursed and it made him turned into a cactus man. Going back to the main topic, there is a new adventure awaiting the main character. He must go and find treasures on different islands. Earn to die 5

Your mission as the player in this game is to help McCoy find the required item in each level while surviving the dangers of the island. The dangers pertain to natural ones and the enemy treasure hunters too. If you encounter one, you must be able to defeat him using the provided weapon in the game. Make sure that you are able to find the necessary items to win in this particular edition. Earn to die 6

Find Home in Snail Bob 1

Snail is considered the slowest creature in the world because of its very slow movement but this doesn’t mean that it is useless in this world. Everything living or non living has its purpose in balancing the world. Game creators have found a way to incorporate this creature in flash games because it is cute and very interesting to see what will the character snail will be. One perfect example is the game called Snail Bob 1. Obviously, the character in this game is a snail but what is its objective? You will find out if you read the whole article. The story of this game is that Bob, who is the snail, is trying to find a home. Earn to die 5

It is the player’s role to guide and help him in searching through different places. But doing so is not an easy task because there are other creatures and prey that will stop Bob from finding his new home. Do everything the platform requires and overcome obstacles until Bob finally finds his home. Earn to die 6

Advance in the game with Vehicles 2 Walkthrough

Having a hard time finishing a level in a game you are currently playing? Don’t be sad because in every problem, there is always a solution. Luckily, there are walkthroughs available online. Maybe you are wondering what are walkthroughs, these are tutorial page where one can get an idea about the levels in a particular game like Vehicles 2. 
This game has levels that are easy, tough and difficult to accomplish as the game progresses. If you are playing this game and currently having a hard time advancing with it, Vehicles 2 Walkthrough is your answer. The levels in Vehicles 2 are divided into four parts. The first ten levels are called Driving School because these are quite easy levels to accomplish. Earn to die 5

The next ten levels are called municipality where the levels get quite tougher compared to the first ten. The third part is called Remove Dark where you have to deal with all the dark cars which means difficult vehicles to bump out of the screen. The last part is called Skill levels where you have to think, plan and move wisely to accomplish the levels. This walkthrough can be seen and reviewed for free online. Earn to die 6

Fun Shopping in Shopaholic: Hollywood

There are flash games intended for male players and there games for female players. This is a symbol that there is an equal appreciation of both genders. This article is about an example of a flash game that is suitable for girls or women who love shopping. As most of us know, girls really love shopping to the point that it almost become an obsession. It is understood that clothes, shoes and accessories are girls’ happiness. Earn to die 5

 The name of the flash game is Shopaholic: Hollywood. This will surely be enjoyed by female players around the world. The objective of this game is very simple. You just have to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories that you will be using in the coming parties and events that you will be attending. There are lots of stores present in Hollywood that will surely make you glamorous and prepped up. If you love shopping, go and search this game online. Earn to die 6

Strike Force Heroes 1: To the Battlefield

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of being a soldier, and be involved in the electrifying soldier drama on the field, Sky9 games have something for you! This game developer gives you Strike Force Heroes 1! You are a soldier in this game that has missions to fulfill. You can choose from 65 different types of weapons. The ultimate rule is to kill. But at first, you will just be a medical soldier, and the missions will be as simple as a pimple. As the game goes by, you will eventually be promoted to be a field soldier, but also, the challenges will surely make your mind blow. Earn to die 5 

When you reach the final mission, make sure to have the best functioned weapon. This game has multiplex story plotting which will make you put to heart and embody the life of a real soldier. Push your creativeness to the limit in Strike Force Heroes 1. Earn to die 6

Bowman 2 Returns With New Awesome Features

In Bowman 2 your goal is to shoot the target accurately. If you have already played and became a fan of these great archery games, you will be happy to know that this sequel offers some new awesome features. There are still three modes available. Practice mode is for new players to familiarize with the game, to learn how to aim and shoot. Player vs player and Player vs computer modes are more challenging and require some more knowledge. Earn to die 5

This is why you need to practice until you are ready to play with computer or other people. So you need to aim very well. The winner is the one who has the best shots.
Inside the game you will also have a new option: Bird Hunting! You have to shoot as many birds as you can, but you need to be very careful because the arrows can come back at you.  Earn to die 6

Compete With Your Friends In Slime Volleyball

It’s volleyball time! If you are a volleyball fan, surely you will be fan of Slime Volleyball. And if you have never practised this sport, now it’s you time to give it a try. You can choose one player or multiplayer mode. Then you can choose to play with computer or with human. If you are playing in the one player mode, then you will be at the left side of the court. You need to be skillful and make sure you hit the ball so that it falls on your opponent’s side of the court. Earn to die 5

Earn to die 6 The first one who scores six points is a winner. The awesome thing is that you can play it with your friends! So this is your chance to show off your volleyball skills. The game has very simple graphics, but very interesting. You will get familiar with the controls very soon, since they are also simple. Hobo 5: The Hilarious man!!

Hobo 5: The Hilarious man!!

Guys, just guess who is back?? Yes, our famous friend Hobo is coming back with the latest version Hobo 5!! This time, he has been abducted by aliens and now needs to fight against them by applying his horrible tricks! Ha Ha! So get ready to join the adventure. Earn to die 5 

The aliens will come one by one or all together. By pressing several buttons of your keyboard fight against the aliens. Sometimes, Hobo will pee on them, crap them, punch them, kick them, spit them, frat on their face there are the horrible tricks Hobo always does. Aliens will make a man who looks like Hobo, the color of dress will be different. Notice the life bar carefully, cause it will show the energy remains you have left! You will be given the option of choosing the easy level of the stages. Fight in a tricky way when many aliens will appear to defeat you! Earn to die 6

Navigation fun in Gyroball

Have you notice that most games involve a ball or balls. There are three reasons why this thing is perfect or suitable in most games. One is because it is very familiar to most players making their playing experience more relaxed and comfortable knowing the tool or material they will use. Second is because it is a simple object and complications are less to occur. Last is because it is also involved in many sports that promote athleticism and sportsmanship that is an important trait that needs to be developed in young mind. Earn to die 5

Gyroball is one good example of this flash game. To know more about this game, just continue scrolling this whole article. This game is very simple but somehow frustrating as the game progresses. As the player, your mission is to navigate the ball towards the glowing goal. Avoid falling off the platform or else, you will lose a life. The good thing about this game is that one’s skill of controlling an object as well as coordination will be vastly improved. Earn to die 6

Fun Nautical Adventure in Raft Wars 3

It is normal to experience stress from the daily activities that all of us do. There are many ways on how to fight stress such as relaxation and recreational activities. Some people engaged in sports like Basketball, Volleyball and Football during their free time or during weekends. Others are engaging in going on a vacation or a trip in different museums and parks. If you don’t have enough time to do such mentioned ways, you can rely on flash games like the one called Raft Wars 3. Earn to die 5

Earn to die 6 This is the third installment from the game series Raft Wars. This is a fun nautical adventure. As a player, you will have to guide and navigate throughout the water park and shoot the enemies coming your way. Utilize your weapon and tennis balls, as your mission is to retrieve your treasure at the end of the water park. This is more challenging than the previous versions because there are more obstacles and enemies set up in the water park.


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