Friday, May 20, 2016

Legendary Warrior

As the information we have already showcase, Zonmob Studio-Free mobile game development group have a long pregnancy Super foods with plenty of heart huýet. Other than these forums you go ahead with the genre, the game keeper mobile will style RPG, go horizontal screen scene called Legendary Warrior. Recently, the games have also officially launched the first version of the Android operating system support. earn to die

Legendary Warrior built with the storyline takes place in the Kingdom of Chaos-the land of chaos and evil, were put under the rule of the tyrant Ares, a warlike and guys like blood. Everywhere was fire to murder, pillage, ... all the land sank in the dark.
In a small village on the border, Hector-the most powerful Warrior of the village not very pleasing look of his relatives to live in oppression and suffering waiting for death, he wanted to destroy Ares and his empire to bring peace to the whole United Kingdom. Person a, Hector enter the journey full of rough, open up a legend about an immortal Warrior.

About gameplay, Legendary Warrior style RPG, go horizontal screen scene. The player controls the character, destroy monsters in each map, earning money to upgrade weapons, skill and level up. The character can move back and forth across the screen, jumping and use special skills. Will have 5 different terrains challenging players include: Dark Forest, Steppe, the dead sea, cave demons and United Kingdom.

Legendary Warrior brings beautiful images, animated style easy to close. The operation of the controls, the game interface is arranged easier to see, clear layout without even obscures the player's vision. Anyway, this is also a "product tree leaves home garden" where you must try to experience. Counterspy


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