Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Speed Elixir

Recently, the online game open world racing extreme hot Elixir is Speed was introduced to gamers in the world community. This promises to be a blockbuster when the product is launched on the market in about December 2016. Earn to die 5

Like many other racing game Speed also owns Elixir graphics platform extremely impressive, gamers will experience the beautiful polished cars as real run on the immensely poetic. The excellent lighting effects, the impact phase authentically amazing thanks to the physical system to be handled well. And especially the weather effects such as rain, night and day ... was shown as real.

One of the most attractive spots of the Elixir is a World Speed wide open where gamers can go to wherever I want to and take part in the competitions in which, rather than restricted any framework at all. Of course each location will have its own private racetrack characteristics and gamer is avoidable in each scenario. Earn to die 6

In Speed to 15 Elixirs different game styles, offers a lot of interesting things for the players. Gamers can select a trend for their own as normal racing at high speed or perform professional Drift ... In fact, these modes are quite easy to learn a song to mastering the gamer will have to spend a lot of time to practice. Blazblue RR

Friday, June 10, 2016

BlazBlue RR

So after a gestational period then recently, Act 91-a game company based in China has officially released BlazBlue spacious RR worldwide after several weeks of trials in the country. If you are a fan of Anime or Manga, the Japanese sure do not want to miss this new experience. Earn to die

Thanks for the help by the system of Takamagahara System, BlazBlue RR easily takes players into a fantasy world hovering between space and mixing between the past, the future as well as present.
The first character that you can control are the Ragna and in one of the early levels are pretty easy to pass. Then, thanks to the system of extensive development characters, gamers can unlock other characters and more advanced skills as well as his ability to control. Is a mobile free-to-play game, BlazBlue RR to use energy and monetary system in the game is quite characteristic.

Blazblue RR might not be as famous as the British Street Fighter or Tekken Forum game, but thanks to the novelty and originality while retaining the identity of a purely 2D fighting game. With BlazBlue Arc System Works, the RR has avoided the mistakes of the previous game, and what's more, players will also be impressed with the game's character system. With rich characters and numbers of game, the player can choose the most suitable style battle with yourself.

Thanks to the system character of careful care, fighting mechanism of BlazBlue RR is also very interesting. In combat, each character has a certain tactics are combined by the strength and the number of major attacks for each character. Thus, the player will have to learn a lot to be able to use the Shu for his characters, this makes the game more enjoyable, and more.

Basically, the mechanism of BlazBlue RR is not too complicated. In the game, players can control the character move, speed, jump several times in the air, attack on top or bottom down the enemy. Simple, but the player will find a lot of interesting things when the control characters in the game.

The fun of the game is in the grasp and use proper at the special character help avoid deadly enemy attacks but did decrease the ability of the character's defense until the end of the battle. Can see, the use of special technique in BlazBlue RR with the tactic and may decide to globally match. The care in the design of the game will make the fighting genre fans spellbound.

2D graphics with exquisite, authentic combat experience and the voice of the character was voiced by series actors Japan, BlazBlue RR is really a masterpiece of new art on the mobile platform. The game was licensed by Arc System Works, the notorious monitoring slot by Toshimichi Mori, producer of the original series with the completely restore the classic character, promises to recreate the same animated story the most memorable conversation piece for the players. Luna Chronicles

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Luna Chronicles

After about three weeks of running the version of Prelude extension, today Mobile and Eyedentity Cherry Credits was officially released Luna Chronicles worldwide today (not including South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau). Luna Chronicles present has supported English, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese will also soon be integrated. Earn to die

Players who join the test run stage Prelude will get exclusive rewards include a 4-star hero, 100 key as well as 10 stone evolution Ally Evolvers. Luna Chronicles is set in the world of Luna, this is an idyllic and peaceful land but are threatened by dark forces.

In Luna Chronicles, players take on the role of Cloud the boy is recruited or acquisition Warrior or mighty monsters on the way to form a group, perform the task to assassinate Erega. Besides the same companion embarks on a fight with hordes of monsters, the player will have to build towns and defend it before the attack of the enemy. This is one of the novelties compared to the game in the same genre that Luna Chronicles brought to players.
System ownership not diverse character but a Warrior will have many shapes of stars ownership. In addition, this number is also the expression for the strength of the main character. The warrior in Luna Chronicles are divided according to ability in a lineup including: Attack, Support, Balance and Defense. From there, players can rely on to choose and arrange the lineup so reasonable.

With more than 100 hero to collect, Luna Chronicles gives the player a lot of choices for his tactics. Each character possesses for himself and a skill 2 skill passive. The skills of the warrior in Luna Chronicles is also made up of the purpose of use to the player easily catch include Attack, Defense, Recovery, Resist and Curse.

With the main form is beyond the pass, the battle of Luna Chronicles take place on turn-based and the maximum number for a team that is 5. The player will have to calculate to control each character's activities according to the weekly to be able to take the win. Through here can see that, the tactics of Luna Chronicles is pretty high importance in thinking acumen of each player.

Similar to the game of the same genre, Luna Chronicles also has the common features such as enhanced, increasing levels, equipment, ... Players can through this feature to increase the strength of his character for help for the task becomes easier. Besides the task according to the storyline, the game also brought many different game modes such as PvP violently or infinite Dungeon mode, its capital city, Guild, Arena.

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